ISOMAC PRO P.I.D - Dual Boiler

$3,960.00 $4,380.00

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The Professional 2 Boiler P.I.D is a dual boiler espresso machine with P.I.D temperature control. Better temperature stability is maintained with the dedicated and independent espresso boiler and P.I.D control.
It has better and increased level of steam pressure and hot water supply through it's dedicated and independent service boiler controlled by P.I.D. 
It's full, commercial rotary pump and the option of direct water connection or water tank supply complete the technically advanced characteristics of this beautiful machine.

(The acronym “PID” stands for 'Proportional, Integral, Derivative'.  The small electronics box that is referred to as a PID controller is simply a physical representation of the algorithm which allows for precise control of multiple system variables in the temperature of the espresso brew boiler).


  • Stainless steel construction
  • E61 Commercial group head, 88mm
  • Press forged chromed brass groups with valves infusion chamber.
  • Dual boiler system for optimum coffee and steam / hot water performance.
  • Coffee Boiler: 0.6L (1000W – 220-240Vac) - (850W - 120Vac)
  • Sevice boiler: 1.8L (1300W – 220-240Vac) - (850W - 120Vac)
  • Electro professional rotary pump (not vibration type pump) with external pressure adjustment
  • Water supply 2.9L fresh water reservoir or alternatively by turning the control switch, steel braided direct water connection. 
  • Electronic control reservoir water level.
  • Electronic automatic water level. 
  • Electronic control of the boiler water level
  • Anti–vacuum valve. 
  • Steam wand anti-burn
  • Hot water outlet anti-burn
  • Manometer for the boiler pressure control
  • Gauge for pump pressure control
  • P.I.D System
  • Manual reset safety thermostat 
  • Width / depth / height 300 x 430 x 410 (mm)
  • Power feeding 220-240 Volt 50Hz - 120 Volt 60Hz 
  • Absorbed power 220-240 Volt 50Hz - 2400 W
  • Absorbed power 120 Volt 60Hz - 1800 W

     Warranty Terms: 12 months manufacturer's non-consumable / perishable parts replacement supply only warranty.  Labour costs to replace approved faulty parts under warranty are not included or covered.

    Please note: models shown are European specified without 'cool touch' steam & hot water wands. All Australian models distributed are specified with 'cool touch' steam and hot water outlets.

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